World Series Odds

In the run up to this year's World Series, we at the Online Sportsbook LA have been producing a series of articles giving our WFNY picks and predictions. Our goal has been to give you the latest and best World Series odds, while also giving you the chance to see how other experts view the situation. The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of several teams to make their way into the playoffs, as they've defeated the San Diego Padres in the past two finals. The pitching match-up is a no-brainer, but is there an ace pitcher who can put the ball in the mouth of the competition? The LA Dodgers are obvious choices to win the World Series, but do they have the talent to do it?

Unlike previous years when the playoff races were wide open, there are many more quality teams in the competition this year. Unlike previous World Series Odds, the World Series Odds now lists the Chicago Cubs as the favorite, giving them an even bigger advantage than in our season previews. The Chicago Cubs is perhaps the strongest team to win the world series, especially with the return of star-stripped pitcher Arrival Henley. The stats and wins add up for the Cubs, but they're not without question. Their starting 5 of slugger Homerun, B.J Upton, Carlos Pena, Prince Fielder and Willson Contreras have been sensational in the past, and even with the loss of top prospect Joe DiMaggio, the Cubs still have the lineup to win.

If the Los Angeles Dodgers or San Diego Padres win the World Series, it will almost certainly be the first time that two clubs have met in a postseason game. These clubs have built up a very nice working relationship over the years, and their chemistry is one of the key reasons why this works so well. The two teams have a long history of success, and a lengthy drought may spell disaster for either team. In this Fall Classic, the outcome is far from a sure thing, so make sure you take your World Series odds seriously.